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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is staking in crypto?
    Staking is the process of locking your crypto assets to support the related blockchain networks. You can earn staking rewards from new assets generated on the blockchains, as well as transaction fees.
  • What is the est. rate (APY)?
    Est. rate (APY) is the estimated annual percentage yield of the offers. It changes dynamically based on the actual yield and staked amount, so make sure to use est. rate as a reference only.
  • How interest is calculated?
    You can check your estimated daily interest. It's based on your staked amount and the current est. rate (APY), so it's also for your reference only.
  • When does interest calculation start?
    The interest will be accrued at 04:00 UTC one day after the user subscribes
  • When does interest distribution start?
    The profit will be issued two days after subscription UTC on a daily basis
  • Why do different projects complete redemption at different times?
    Redemption time is the period between your redemption request and the moment you receive your assets. As staking is conducted on the blockchain, redemption time varies according to the consensus mechanisms.
  • What happens if I redeem a fixed-term product early?
    You can redeem your assets anytime. But if you do this before the fixed term of your offer ends, you'll lose all the earned interest. Already redeemed and distributed interest will be deducted from your initial staked amount when you redeem it.
  • Do I need to manually redeem my crypto after the term ends?
    It depends. All fixed-term subscriptions have auto-renewal enabled by default. This means as soon as your current term ends your deposit will be automatically staked for another term of the same duration. When auto-renewal is enabled, you'll need to redeem assets manually. Auto-renewal is enabled by default. To cancel it, go to the specific order details page and toggle it off.
  • Can I still earn once I confirm redemption?
    No. Interest calculation stops once you confirm redemption, so you won't earn interest after it.
  • How do I choose the best staking offer?
    You can find all the best staking crypto offers in our Staking product. Compare assets, est. rates, terms and potential interest to find offers that suit you the most. Remember to always doing your own research before staking your crypto anywhere. We only help with staking process, but you're solely responsible for any consequences of your investment decisions.