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OKB Chain (OKBC) is an Ethereum scaling solution that provides users with high-performance decentralized applications and security, achieved with seamless integration

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Built by OKX, for the masses

Dedicated to building an all-around infrastructure with seamless usability for all

  • Scale with low fees

    100% EVM and Cosmos compatibility at a fraction of the cost, easy-to-use developer APIs for deployment

  • Powered by OKX

    Seamless OKX product integrations, all-in-one Web3 gateway, and access to 50M users and $8B+ assets in OKX ecosystem

  • Secure

    Offers a reliable smart contract auditing service to further the vision of building a trustless ecosystem

  • Portal to Web3

    Enter the world of Web3 via OKX Wallet, built with compact infrastructure modules to create innovative DApps

Path to scalability

  • OKB Chain 1.0

    Testnet in 2023 Q1

    Ethereum scaling network for decentralized solutions

    • PoA + Tendermint consensus
    • Optimized performance
  • ZK Dex 1.0

    Mainnet in 2023 Q2

    A decentralized exchange based on ZK-rollup

    • StarkEx technology
    • On Ethereum
  • OKB Chain 2.0

    Testnet in 2023 Q4

    ZK-rollup on Ethereum

    Web2 developer-friendly tool kits

    • Account abstraction
    • Web3 identity (DID)
  • ZK Dex 2.0

    Mainnet in 2023 Q4

    A decentralized exchange based on ZK-rollup

    • Full-fledged derivatives
    • Specialized ZK-circuit

Enhanced security

  • OKB token

    Functions as the utility token of the OKX ecosystem, the native token on OKB Chain, and can be used to pay transaction fees

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  • In data we trust

    Analyze on-chain data and audit code panoramically on OKBC

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    Join our ever-growing community of developers and end-users

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    Let’s build the OKB Chain together

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